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We are an advanced digital transformation consultancy and engineering company that delivers cutting edge solutions for global organisations and technology startups. Start from 2014 we have been helping organizations and established brands reimagine their business through digitalisation.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2014, Royals Webtech isn't a substance, it's a family that addresses harmony for more than 8 years of a successful excursion. For Royals Webtech, the meaning of achievement is to rise above creative thoughts of individuals to reality with the assistance of our tech mastery, this is the thing that we, collectively, need to be associated with!

Our vision has driven Royals Webtech to turn into a top IT organization in Nagpur for conveying different industry-drove versatility arrangements. The objective is to engage customers and organizations by making additional opportunities utilizing the advances of today and tomorrow with the greatest possible level of value, fulfillment, and transparency.

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We increase our solid history of working with large number of thoughts to fabricate ideas special endeavor arrangement – with rich client experience.

Small Businesses

Assisting you with taking your business on the web, arrive at different business sectors and amplify openings.


We love Startups! We help new companies, everything being equal, independent of their stages – to sustain, assemble and develop their astounding thoughts on versatile and web.

What We Do

Our energy has driven us to turn into a top IT organization in Nagpur for conveying different industry-drove versatility arrangements in web and mobile application advancement areas utilizing modern innovations like Internet of Things (IoT), AI-ML, AR-VR, Voice partners and Voice Skills, DevOps and Cloud registering, and so forth

We feel engaged with our confirmed tech specialists and our assist worldwide client base with a plenty of IT administrations and arrangements. Commitment with our group ensures our customers to get a good deal on project advancement with quicker conveyance.


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Optimum Client Satisfaction

It's in our DNA. Our customers are the accomplices behind the achievement we have tasted throughout the long term. This is the explanation we keep customer fulfillment at the focal point of our biological system. We are not short of coordinated effort to hone our experiences for ideal execution of our contributions. The commendation from the customers is what we truly wanted to hear and we'd desire for that. It's a craving in us that won't ever blur.

Result-oriented Approach

The foundations of our prosperity are associated with our vision and execution of it. Beginning from the enlistment to the quality expectations, we keep our qualities flawless. We employ enthusiastic people who have that fire consuming in them. Individuals who truly need to work with us and comprehend the significance of customer assumptions to convey quality outcomes.

Integrity in Everything

Uprightness is our center and is at the focal point of all that we do. As far as we might be concerned, it is on par with adhering to the law, perhaps more than that. It is tied in with following through on our responsibilities, genuineness and decency in business and everyday living. We are a family that has faith in collaboration with one Mantra, that is to bite the dust with recollections, not dreams. Recollections with our peeps, recollections with our customers.

Great Place to Work

There are a couple of things that make IndiaNIC a family. We love our peeps. IndiaNIC is only not with regards to its guarantees, worldwide acknowledgments or tributes. With absolute regard, we embrace the variety of thought, societies, and of individuals. Nothing feels better compared to getting propelled by the tutors and their examples of overcoming adversity. Indeed, IndiaNIC is merciful for its precious resources, the representatives. People work here, not robots!!